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Update Aug 20, 2009

I added a page for my 3rd great Grandparents, Wilhelm & Caroline Mueller-Engel. A cousin directed me to a site that had a photo of them, so that's here & I also found the ship's manifest for the "Marion" which carried them into New Orleans Dec 22, 1853.

Comments, suggestions and updates are always welcome!

Update Jan, 2009

The updates continue. I was blessed in 2008 to come in contact with a cousin on the Babcock side. She's been doing this longer than I and she had some letters and a story written by our great-great grandfather Austin Babcock, and has graciously allowed me to post them.

Also in 2008 I made contact with a distant cousin on my mother's side, who is related through the Schadens. He went to Germany and came back with some documents for my 2nd and 3rd great grandparents that are also posted here.

Update March, 2008

I've added more documents to support the dates listed, and I've added as much information as I have on the Babcocks going all the way back to my 8th great grandparents Sarah & James Badcock. As always I'll continue to add pages as I get more info.

Update June/July, 2007:

I continue to add family pages and documents as I find them. I have recently been in contact with more of the Schaden side of the family. I was able to go back one more generation to my 3rd great grandpa Franz Joseph Schaden who emigrated in 1853. I found his land patent in Brown County, WI dated Oct 1, 1860. I somewhat redesigned the data on this site page to add the 3rd great grandparents that I know of. The Schadens, Elmers and Eterskys on my mom's side and the Fogelsons, Bjugans and Raffertys on my dad's side all came to this country in the 1850s & 1860s. So research beyond this will be very slow in coming.

And the Babcocks ... well, I'm not sure how to procede, but the first of my Babcock ancestors came sometime before Feb 25, 1642, at which time he was admitted an inhabitant of the "towne" of Portsmouth in what is now Rhode Island. The source goes on to say:

At a town meeting held Oct 5, 1642, James Babcock and Richard Moore were ordered "to look up all the armes in the Towne with in the month above writ" and "to mend any which were defective for use".

Source: Babcock Genealogy by Stephen Babcock, 1903, Page 1.

Update April 10, 2006:

Over the last year I've added many documents and images so my cousins will be more easily able to trace their roots. I cannot begin to express the appreciation I feel toward the Minnesota Historical Society. Their depth of resources has contributed to a vast majority of my knowledge about my Minnesota family roots.

Update: April 4, 2005

I received a WONDERFUL packet from a distant cousin, who had pictures of my Grandpa Babcock, his siblings & his parents. If you want to see them click on the "Data On This Site" link, then click on the thumbnail of Sarah & Bert.

I've been wanting to do this for many years. I grew up 6 hours away from my father's birth home. So in our house we just didn't talk about the Babcocks very much. In 1955 my father was in the Army, stationed at Camp Haven, WI (which no longer exists) but it was there he met my mother, who was born & raised in Manitowoc, WI. So that's how a man from West Concord, MN moved to eastern WI.

This section of my site began with a family reunion in June 2003. I received a packet of info on all my aunts & uncles. That's when I decided to begin doing the family tree.

I purchased a copy of Stephen Babcock's Book  Babcock Genealogy, 1903, but now I have to figure out how to put any useful info on this site. So until I figure that out, I guess this is all that will remain here. (Atleast for now)


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