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07/31/2009 - My doctor's been after me for a while "to get the lead out" (pun intended) so I bought a Charter Arms Undercover .38 special revolver model 73820. It's a small frame, snubnose handgun. I know all the gun snobs are gasping in horror because it's not a Smith & Wesson. Well, I picked it up this morning (for a LOT less than a S&W) and immediately went to the range. I bought 100 rds of Winchester 125gr +P JHP & have 25 left. That's 75 rds through it & none of the pins or screws fell out! So pbth, pbth, pbth (blowing raspberries at the snobs). Today was the first time I've shot a handgun since about 1976. What a thrill! I'm definately hooked and now I need to find a reliable, inexpensive source of ammunition.

So you may be asking, "Why a snub-nose?" An internationally-known firearms and self-defense instructor & author, Massad Ayoob, said it best. Pry My Snub-Nose Out Of My Cold Dead Hand

After the range, I went to Wallyworld & was greeted by the same old site as every other sporting goods store. The ammo shelves were empty. Shotguns shells & 22's they have, but forget about larger caliber rifle & pistol ammo. Thanks to the democratic White House, guns owners are hoarding. I spoke to the owner of Louie's Sporting Goods, where I bought the pistol & ammo. He told me that he was able to order 12 pistols, but when he asked about ammo, his supplier laughed. It just isn't available. So if you find some, consider yourself lucky.


8/3/2009 - A new month - a new gun. Well, new to me anyway. I bought a Marlin 60. It's a .22 LR (long rifle). Here's a link to check it out. It's used but looks like it's in great shape. I ran a couple of dry cleaning patches through it & it's very clean. And the ammo is available & dirt cheap compared to my .38 special (see blog post above). I bought a box of 100 rounds for $6 compared to $18-$30 for 50 rounds of .38 special (when you can find it). I probably won't be able to get to the range until Sat. 8/8, but I'll update afterward.


8/14/2009 - My hand gun case was only half full, or at least that's what I told myself as I drooled over a Smith and Wesson Model 10-5. It's a .38 special (like my Charter) with a 4 inch barrel (unlike my snubnose Charter). I think you know where this is leading. I put it on layaway & will pick it up next payday. It's not brand new, infact according to the serial number it was probably made in 1966 or 67, but it's in outstanding condition. It obviously was used very little. The Model 10 is still made today, but looks very different from mine.

I've been back to the range several times. But for some reason I'm having a hard time sighting in the scope on the Marlin. I'm getting a tight shot pattern - about the size of an old Eisenhower half dollar at 25 yards, but it's too far to the right. I've clicked the scope 5 or 6 times to move it left, but so far it's still too far right. Darn, another reason to go back to the range. ;-)


9/6/2009 - A new month - a new gun (again) :-) Here's the deal, .38 special ammo is expensive! So I bought a Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22 revolver. It's strange firing a .38 & feeling it's kick, and then firing the .22. There's no kick at all. So far it seems like it hits a little to the left of POA (point of aim). I may have to work on that, but it's blue so I don't want to do any filing on it. Anyway, it's MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH cheaper for ammo, and it's still fun to just bang away.

I received what I consider quite an honor this weekend. My brother Mike asked if I would teach his son to shoot. I know pride can be sinful, but in this case I feel proud & humbled that Mike would bestow such an honor upon me.


7/30/2010 - It's been a while since I updated this page. So I thought I'd take a few minutes & do so. I've bought & sold a few guns that didn't work for me. I sold the Heritage Rough Rider. and bought a Beretta Bobcat. It's a cute little pocket gun. (not that I carry it in my pocket, that's illegal in WI) But when we get a concealed carry law in WI, it'll be the smallest option I own.

I also tried a Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm But I couldn't hit the side of a barn from the inside with it. Not that the gun was inaccurate, (others did ok with it) but revolvers just work better for me. I wanted something other than a .38 Special so I bought an older .357 Magnum a S&W Model 66-2.

I've also gotten into reloading my own ammunition. It's a lot cheaper than store-bought & it's just a fun hobby. I've gotten to play around with different bullet weights & types, as well as different powders & amounts of powder etc. My reloading bench .


7/28/2011 - On November 1st, 2011 Wisconsin will become the the 49th state to have some sort of Concealed Carry Law. It looks like WI law will be friendly to thos who wish to carry.

Here's the clearest interpretation of the new law that I could find. It's a memo from Anne Sappenfield a Senior Staff Attorney with the WI Legislative Council, to Sen. Pam Galloway explaining SB 93 in a question and answer format. It answers most questions clearly; WI CCW Explained. It's a big doc, so it might be easiest if you right click the link & save it to your desktop.

I got the document from which is a website dedicated to WI & IL gun laws.

Again, I've traded & sold a few guns. I bought a Uberti 1873 Cattleman NM Brass. It's chambered in 45 Colt & has a 5 1/2" barrel. It's a heck of a lot of fun! Enough fun that I wanted a 2nd one. So I traded for a Cimmaron Model P. (same gun w/o the brass & hand fitted by Cimarron Firearms Co. Fredericksburg, TX) It seems the Uberti is more accurate, but they're both good guns. I think even John Wayne himself would enjoy these.

I also updated my reloading bench too. My updated reloading bench .


2/10/2015 It's been a LONG time since I updated this page. I've sold/traded/broke several firearms. But lets just say I'm still very interested in the firearms community.

Of course I did apply for & receive my Concealed Carry License. I also enjoyed taking several NRA courses dealing with gun safety. Infact, I enjoyed it so much that I've been assisting in teaching gun safety.

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