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Sarah & James Badcock

Children Of Sarah & James

James Badcock 1641 - Unknown
John Badcock 1644 - 1685
Job Badcock 1646 - Unknown
Mary Badcock-Champlin 1648 - Unknown

Children of Elizabeth & James
James married Elizabeth March in about 1669.

Joseph Badcock 1670 - Unknown
Nathaniel Badcock Unknown - Jan 2, 1719
Elizabeth Badcock Unknown - Unknown

Sarah (Brown?) Badcock
Unknown - About 1665
James Badcock
1612 - June 12, 1679

And yes, the original spelling of the last name was Badcock, with a d...
The following passages are from Babcock Genealogy by Stephen Babcock.

The first record of James says...
"James Badcock was admitted an inhabitant of the “towne” of Portsmouth (RI) Feb 25, 1642. At that time no one was allowed to “build or plant” without first having been voted at town meeting an inhabitant."

"For the first forty years the surname of James and his Sons was usually written Badcock. In the Probate records of John Badcock estate the name is spelled Babcock, and at that time that spelling seems to have been adopted by the family."

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