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My "Kids"

Updated 10/03/2015

Past Kids

In Memory Of


Named after former Green Bay Packers star John Jurkovic, Yurko was like no other dog I've ever known. When asked "What do we say about those Bears?", he would go get his sock. Why?

"Cuz the Bears still sock!"

He came to live with me when a minor cosmetic health issue wouldn't allow him to be bred. He was absolutely a Packer fan. He loved his t-shirt and disliked Bear fans. I never figured out why, but if I told him someone was a Bear fan he would growl. Even my good friend Mitch mentions him now & then. I will always miss him.

March 1994 - February 2003

Listen To Yurko

John Jurkovic & Yurko Would you rather be Mitch or a dead dog?
Yurko Did you say BEER?
In Memory Of

Mr. Marbles

He was a sassy cat, but have you ever known a cat who wasn't sassy?

Born Approximately Sept 10, 2002

He moved in on Nov 16, 2002. 

He passed away 5/22/2015

Rest In Peace Kitty

Listen To Mr. Marbles words of wisdom.

Mr. Marbles Mr. Marbles
Mr. Marbles

I also won't forget other past pets including dogs Mollie, Sandy, Odie, Barney, Velvet & Fashion

Cats were named Grizzly & Nakita & a parakeet named Roger. These were mine after I became an adult.

I also had many pets as a kid. Including a Mouse (Toby), a Rabbit (Junior) & Dogs (Rusty, Tramp & Lady)

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